Subjunctive: Verbs of influence

There are other verbs that function just like the verb querer. Whenever you tell someone else to do something, or you beg them, ask them, or hope that they do something... all of those phrases require the subjunctive. "I advise you to eat more vegetables" would be translated as "Aconsejo que comas más vegetables".

(1) Recognize the verbs of influence
(2) Memorize these verbs with quizlet
(3) Quiz: have you really MASTERED these verbs?

(4) How do we use the subjunctive? (read this closely)
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(8) Print and complete this worksheet (page 1) ... (answers here)
(9) Print and complete this worksheet (page 2) ... (answers here)

(10) Practice using verbs of influence *bkn*
(11) Subjunctive, indicative or infinitive?
(12) Change the tú command into the subjuntive *bkn*

*bkn* activity by Barbara Kukzun Nelson, Colby College (Maine)